Barlowgirl - My Gods Enough Psalm 73 chords

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My God's Enough (Psalm 73) by BarlowGirl
Tabbed by GraceGirl

The bracketed C chords are optional to play. The one in the first verse is a very 
quick chord, but doesn't have to be played. The one in the chorus isn't actually 
played, but is the right chord if you want to play it.
I like to play this song using power chords ~ sounds great, especially on an acoustic :)

INTRO: Dm | Bb | F | Am   (x2)

Dm     Bb    F    Am
  I've had enough
Dm    Bb       F      Am   Dm
  Of living life for only me 
     Bb        F   Am       Dm
And reaching just for the things
     F       Am  (C)   Dm
That keep destroying me 
    Bb      F   Am      Dm     Bb       F   Am     Dm
So sick of envying, yeah, the lives of so many I see 
    Bb     F    Am       G        A      Bb
Somehow believing that they have what I need 

(C)        Dm  Bb    F
 My God's enough for me 
     Am        Dm   Bb    F
This world has nothing I need 
   Am         Dm Bb     F
In this whole life I've seen 
   Am    Dm  Bb  F   Am        Dm
My God's enough,    enough for me 

Dm    Bb     F     Am
La la la la, la la la la   x2

Dm   Bb        F   Am
  I can't explain why
Dm    Bb      F      Am      Dm
  I suffer though I live for You 
      Bb    F  Am   Dm
Those who deny You
      Bb      F      Am    Dm
They have it better than I do 
   Bb      F   Am  Dm
Cover my eyes now
    Bb       F        Am      Dm
So that my heart can finally see 
     Bb      F       Am          Dm
That in the end only You mean anything 


 Who have I in heaven but You 
 Nothing I desire but You
 My heart may fail but not You 
 You are mine forever 

Dm | Bb | F | Am  x2


Enjoy! :)

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