Barry Louis Polisar - Youre As Sweet As Sugar On A Stick chords

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This song is sooo lovely and I think it's really missing here!! Written and sung 
by the famous children's music singer-songwriter Barry Louis Polisar (you may know 
him from the movie "Juno", his song "All I want is You" can be heard in the 
opening scene), it's really easy and just sounds great!!!
Enjoy it! :)

(it's just the chords, the nice solo at the end may come later..)

Intro: D A E A (8x)

D         A        E          A
You're as sweet as sugar on a stick,
D             A         E       A 
Licorice on a gum drop, lickety split.
         D         A           E           A
When you smile the whole world opens right up.
       D            A             E         A
When I get a little bit of you, I can't get enough.

D               A               E               A
My heart starts pounding when I kiss you on the lips.
D                 A               E       A 
Like water down a drain, dropping drip by drip.
D             A           E       A
Whenever I am with you, I feel at home.
D            A        E                A
Gonna run to you like ice cream down a cone.


D                  A         E                    A
When your hands in mine, I'm bounding 'round and 'round.
D               A           E      A
My hearts doin' cartwheels, upside down.
D              A           E        A 
I'm singing so softly in a voice so sweet.
D              A         E               A
Standin' on my head with lightnin' in my feet.


D                   A          E                 A
I'm jumping off the ground and sailin' round the sun.
D              A            E          A
Flying back to you like the river that runs.
D            A            E               A
Laughing and clapping and sitting by your side,
D               A         E              A
Bouncing up and down on a roller coaster ride


(no chords)
I never thought I'd fall again least not like this,

With a giggle and a hug and a tickle and a kiss.

It's hard to think I'd let myself be captured by your charms,

In the middle of a snowstorm I'm melting in your arms.



Hope you liked it as I do! :)

It's ear-transcribed, so if you find any mistakes or if you have any suggestions 
for improvement, please feel free to tell me...! 
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