Barry Manilow - I Am Your Child chords

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Intro: C  F/C

I am you child
             Csus2   [ch]Csus2/E[/ch]
Wherever you go,
            Fmaj7  F6  F/G
you take me too
           Amsus2   Am/G
Whatever I know
             D/F#   D7
I learn from you
           Gmaj7   [ch]E7/G#[/ch]
Whatever I do,
                 Am  Fm/Ab       C/G     F/G
You taught me to do, I am your child

And I am your chance
              Csus2   [ch]Csus2/E[/ch]
Whatever will come
               Fmaj7  F6  F/G
Will come from me
            Amsus2   Am/G
Tomorrow is won
           D/F#   D7
By winning me
           Gsus  G  Gmaj7  E/G#
Whatever I am,
                 Am  Fm/Ab     C/G
You taught me to be, I am your hope
I am your chance,
          Csus2  [ch]Csus2/E[/ch]  Fmaj7 F6 F/G  Am9
I am your child
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