Bart Crow Band - Outlaw chords

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Capo 4

Em                                                               D
So your boots they're old and dusty and they're lyin down on the floor
Em                                         D
And a candle light is burnin' outside your door
Em                                                           D
And you're gonna keep stayin single man, you never stayed to long
Em                                           A
And that highway's gonna kill you before too long

                       G                      A
Cause' your always out runnin', tryin' to get by
               D           D/C#          Bm
You never even noticed how hard that she tried
                  G                               D
Smokin' away your night times, drinkin' away your days
               D               D/C#         Bm
It's all gonna catch up to you one of these days
                  G                        A
Just a modern day outlaw, runnin' with the wind
           D                  D/C#          Bm
Find you a good heart and you shoot it down again
                   G                         A
Well you're just a sad song on another rainy day
Playin' on your radio

Said an outlaws life man, it's no place for a girl
You keep a picture in your wallet, and you lock her outside your world
And she's waiting by the telephone, but you never call
And she's screamin' at your picture, you never cared at all



Now you're drivin' down that freeway and you ain't got far to go
And your thinkin' while you're speedin' man, that you might give her a call
But your voice it starts to crack, you try to say hello
Ya you broke her heart so many times, you gotta let her go
Oh you gotta let her go


              G                             A
You're just a broken dream when your stereo plays
              G                           A                        Bm
You're just a sad song, that some how got away, palying on you radio
              G                         A                         D
You're just a sad song on another rainy day, playin' on your radio

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