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Bastille - Skulls chords

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Verse 1:
Am    C G       G      
 I came here for sanctuary
G           G                F
Away from the winds and the sounds of the city
Am    C G       G   
 I came here to get some peace
G      G                 F       
Way down deep where the shadows are heavy

Am    C G       G   
 I can't help but think of you
   G                  G                F 
In these four walls my thoughts seem to wander
Am    C G       G   
 To some distant century
    G                  G        F
When everyone we know is six feet under

     F          Am          G         F   
When all of our friends are dead and just a memory
    F             Am         G             F
And we're side by side it's always been just you and me
For all to see...

     F             Am
When our lives are over 
   G             F
And all that remains...
    F              Am          G             F
Are our skulls and bones,let's take it to the grave
    F                     Am
And hold me in your arms, hold me in your arms
G            F
I'll be buried here with you
    F            Am         G        F
And I'll hold in these hands all that remains...

Verse 2:



Verse 3:



Intro: --------------------|

Sry but i cant get properly chords in the chorus :(
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