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Bathory - In Nomine Satanas tab


Tempo: 130 BPM (approx.)
Tuning: Drop D (D A D G B E)

This is a track from the Jubileum Volume 3 record and was never released before.
Also this song is basically only one riff, he used it during the whole song which 
is about 6 minutes and 26 seconds long.
I choose Drop D because it's easier to play. 
I want to mention that the production is not very good, so it's hard to hear the 
distorted chords he plays.


Intro Parts:
Acoustic Guitar Intro (maybe with some variations, I'm not sure)

      E E E E E E E E   E E E E Q E E E  E E E E E E E E   E E E E E E E E 2x

                                                                   during the fourth repeat, 
Distortion Guitar Intro (2x quite in the background, 2x louder)    replace the last bar with this

      H      H          W                H       H         W               4x           Q  Q  H
E|-|------------------|----------------|-----------------|------------------|         |---------|
B|-|------------------|----------------|-----------------|------------------|         |---------|
G|4|o-2------3--------|-2--------------|-(2)-----5-------|-3---------------o|         |-------3-|
D|4|o-0------1--------|-0--------------|-(0)-----3-------|-1---------------o|         |-0--1--1-|
A|-|--0------1--------|-0--------------|-(0)-----3-------|-1----------------|         |-0--1--1-|
D|-|--0------1--------|-0--------------|-(0)-----3-------|-1----------------|         |-0--1----|

Distortion Guitar Main Part (maybe with some variatons during this song)

     H  H   H  Q  Q   H  H   H  Q  Q   H  H   H  Q  Q   H  H   Q  Q  H

Basically... that's it.

For this song I'm not able to write detailed things here, just play the "Main 
Part" over and over again. 

About 5:35 minutes you have to play only the first 2 bars of the "Main Part" until 
the end of the song.

Some variations you have to figure out by yourself, but it's not hard.

W   - whole notes
H   - half notes
Q   - quarter notes
E   - 8th notes

|4| - Time Signature (e.g. stands for 4/4)

|o  - repeat start
o|  - repeat end
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