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Battlefield Band - Last Trip Home tab

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			     THE LAST TRIP HOME - Battlefield Band
Tabbed by: Chris W.

Album: "Leaving Friday Harbor" (1999)
Written by: Davy Steele (R.I.P.)

Note: I apologize to all of those who actually know the technical names of the chords I 
but I do know most of these are simple variations on other known chord formations.

Tuning: Standard

   G  Dsus2 Dsus2/F#  Dsus2/B  Asus4

1st Verse:
G                 Dsus2      G      Dsus2/F#
A've ay worked on farms an' fae the start
     G     Dsus2  Dsus2/B   Asus4(repeat 
The muckle horses won ma heart
Wi' big broad backs they proudly stand
The uncrowned kings o' aw the land
Dsus2/B     Dsus2/F#    G       Dsus2/B
An' yet for aw their power and strength
G              Dsus2/B   G        Asus4
They're as gentle as a summer's wind

Dsus2/F#  Asus4     Dsus2
So steady boys walk on
Dsus2/F#      G     Asus4
Oor work is nearly done
G       Dsus2/B      Dsus2/F#     G
No more we'll till or plough the fields,
Dsus2/F#     G        Asus4
The horses' day is gone
G        Dsus2/B     Dsus2/F#      G
An' this will be oor last trip home,
Dsus2/F#    Asus4    Dsus2
So steady boys walk on.

Riff: Dsus2 (pluck strings: D, G, B, G, but pull off on the 2nd G)
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