Beach Boys - I Can Hear Music chords

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Aaaaaah oh

Verse 1:
D           F#m
This is the way
G        A
I always dreamed it would be
D               F#m    G
The way that it is, oh oh
             Gm7     A
When you are holding me
I never had a love of my own
Maybe that's why when we're all alone

I can hear music
Em         A7
I can hear music
D                          Em            A7
The sound of the city baby seems to disappear, o oh and
D          D7
I can hear music
G           Gm7
Sweet sweet music
D            Bm7
Whenever you touch me baby
Em  A7          D  
Whenever you're near

Verse 2:
D      F#m 
Lovin' you
G           A
It keeps me satisfied
D              F#m      G
And I can't explain, oh no
            Gm7     A
The way I'm feeling inside
You look at me we kiss and then
I close my eyes and here it comes again


( D )
I hear the music all the time, yeah
I hear the music, hold me tight now baby
( A )
I hear the music all the time
           ( D )
I hear the music
I hear the music (baby)

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