Beach Boys - Surfer Girl chords

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Surfer Girl   -   Beach Boys

Song is in Key of D

D       Bm      G

G       A

D chord lead-in single notes A-B-D

D       Bm      G       A

G6      A7

D chord Lead in notes A-B-D

Verse   In key of D    I-vi-IV-V7 to   I-vi-IV-iv

D       Bm      G       A7

DMaj7   Bm      G       Gm7

D       Bm      G       A7

D       Bm      G       A   (Second time:  D  G  D D7)

D chord lead-in single notes A-B-D

Repeat Verse

Chorus  (arpegiate with palm mute)   In key of D  IV-V-I-vi  to IV-V-I-I7

G       A       D       Bm

G       A       D       D7

G       A       D       Bm

G       A       Bb  (Key change to Eb, move everything up 1 fret)

End Verse

Eb      Cm      Ab      Bb7

EbMaj7  Cm      Ab      Abm

Eb      Cm      Ab      Bb7 (hold)

Eb      Cm      Ab      Bb

Eb      Cm      Ab      Bb  (repeat-fade out)

Although this is my first submission, I am 95% sure this is 100% correct to the 
recording so enjoy!
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