Beach House - Norway tab

			     Norway - Beach House
Tabbed by: The Incredulous Noah McMullen

Tuning: Standard, capo on 5th fret

Kind of a tricky rhythm here. While the rest of the song is in 4/4 time, the guitar part 
in something closer to 6/8 time.
Listen to the song to understand it fuller.

D|-----------------------------------------------------------|   x8

VERSE: The guitarist uses a lot of slide-type stuff here. I use a little bit of constant 
on my whammy bar, pushing it harder and releasing it as I see fit. Then, just use a 
C arpeggio, like this:


Repeat until the chorus begins. At that point, slide up to the 9th fret on the G string, 
play the intro again.

That's it, I guess. The most important thing is to slide as much as necessary. Have fun.
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