Beach House - Norway chords

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 Capo 5 


Am   Em   Dm   Em (x4)

F   Em              Dm       C   
  We were sleeping till you came along
F  Em       Am   C
  With your diamond heart
F   Em              Dm       C
  You let us in the wooden house
F    Em       Am   C
 To share in all the wealth

  Em               g
   Don't you know it's true?
Am   Em   Dm   Em
 Norway eeeay eeeaaaay ay-ay-ay  x2

Seven figures leap the hungry maws
The beastie comes to you
He's a hunter for a lonely heart
In the season of the sun 

Don't you know it's true?
Norway eeeay eeeaaaay ay-ay-ay

F g
Where you thinkin' that you gotta run to now
With the beating of a diamond heart?
Hang on to the things that you're supposed to say
Billions of stars that open to your fate

Norway eeeay eeeaaaay ay-ay-ay (repeat)
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