Beatles - Ill Cry Instead chords

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I ll Cry Instead chords
The Beatles

G C 2x 

         G     C         G     C     G    
I've got every reason on earth to be mad,
             C        G    C      D
cause I just lost the only girl I had
C                           C7
If I could see you now, I'd try to make you say it somehow;
      G              D     G
but I can't, so I'll cry instead.

        G          C               G      C       G
I got a chip on my shoulder that's bigger than my feet,
        C       G      C      D
I can't talk to people that I meet
C                          C7
If I could get my way, I'd get myself locked up today;
      G              D     G
but I can't, so I'll cry instead.

Don't wanna cry when there's people there,
I get shy when they start to stare;
    D                           E7              A7        D7 
I'm gonna hide myself away, but I'll come back again some day

    G             C      G    C       G
And when I do you better hide all the girls,
              C           G          C         D
cos I'm gonna break their hearts all round the world
Yes I'm gonna break 'em in two, 
and show you what your loving me can do;
      G         D     G
until then I'll cry instead.

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