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Beck - Volcano tab

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Beck ~ Volcano
Modern Guilt

Em                            G                             
  I've been waliking on these streets so long
             C               G           F#m
I don't know   where they're going to lead anymore
Em                        G
  But I think I must have seen a ghost
             C               G              F#m
I don't know   if it's my illusions that keep me alive

A                        C                       
  I don't know what I've seen   
                 E              G
Was it all an illusion  All a mirage gone bad 
       A               C
Ohhhhh   I'm tired of evil
                 E                  G
And all that it feeds  But I don't know

Em                            G
   I've been drifting on this wave so long
             C         G             F#m
I don't know   if it's already crashed on the shore
Em                             G
  And I've been riding on this train so long
             C                         G           F#m
I can't tell   if it's you or me who's driving us in-to the ground

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A                     C
  I don't know if I'm sane
                          E                      G
But there's a ghost in my heart  Who's trying to see in the dark
       A               C
Ohhhhh   I'm tired of people
                      E                           G
Who only want to be pleased  But I still want to please you

G                     F
  And I heard of that Japanese girl
           Em          C
Who jumped into the volcano
        A                 C
Was she trying to make it back
Em                           F
  Back into the womb of the world

Em                             G
  I've been drinking all these tears so long
             C             G        F#m           
All I've got   left is the taste of salt in my mouth

Em  G   
C   G   F#m

A                         C
  I don't know where I've been
                      E                 G
But I know where I'm going  To that volcano
       A                        C
Ohhhhh   I don't want to fall in though
                       E                    G
Just want to warm my bones on that fire a while

A   C   E   G
A   C   E   G
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