Beck - Modern Guilt Acoustic chords

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Let me start by saying Beck is one of the greatest artists of our generation, and dare I
of all time.
Now that we have that settled..
This is Beck's song "Modern Guilt" off of his album of the same name.
This, however, is the acoustic version of the song that he performed at KROQ and on his
acoustic release ( ).

[NOTE: I did not include the intro to the song (the catchy little licks he plays at the
beginning), because I usually just improvise on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th frets of the
and E strings, depending on how long the intro is improvised during a performance. I do 
know the exact way Beck does it when he performs it. Sorry.]

Now I know there are a few versions of this song floating around (whoever posted the
sheet was spot on), but none of them have the chorus riff tabbed correctly (I can assure
mine 100% accurate, it matches perfectly in key with the record and the acoustic video, 
nor do they include the chorus-outro sequence, so I've included both of those
bits for you. I've done my best to space the chords out accurately in relation to the 
but you'll just have to listen to the song the old fashioned way to get the correct timing.
(For reference to the chord shapes, visit It's much easier than reading
as tabs.)


Modern Guilt (Acoustic)

Chorus Riff:


Heyyyy da da dada da

Ebm                               F#    A
I feel uptight when I walk in the city
B                           F#    Bb
I feel so cold when I'm at home
Ebm                                 F#     A
Feels like everything's starting to hit me
B                              F#   Bb
I lost my bearings ten minutes ago

B      F#                       Ebm     Bb7
Modern guilt, I'm stranded with nothing
B      F#                        Ebm    Bb7
Modern guilt, I'm under lock and key
B       F#      D            A
Misapprehension turning into convention
B                    F#
Don't know what I've done
            Bb7    (Bb7-G#7-F#7-F7)
But I feel ashamed

Ebm                               F#        A
Standing outside the glass on the sidewalk
B                                   F#     Bb
These people talk about impossible things
Ebm                              F#       A
And I'm falling out of the conversation
B                                F#     Bb
And I'm a pawn piece in a human shield

B      F#                  Ebm   Bb7
Modern guilt is all in our hands
B      F#                    Ebm  Bb7
Modern guilt won't get me to bed
B            F#    D               A
Say what you will, smoke your last cigarette
B                    F#
Don't know what I've done
            Bb7   (Bb7-G#7-F#7-F7)
But I feel afraid

(Ride the Ebm for a bar)

Da da da
Da da da
Da da da
Da da da
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