Beck - Modern Guilt tab

This song is in Ebm. If you want all the chords, those are widely available. This is a 
tab for the lead part during the chorus.

"Modern Guilt I'm stranded with nothing"

e ---------------------------|
B ---------------------------|
G ----------1----------------|
D 4-4-3-1-3---4-3-4----------|
A ------------------------4--|
E ---------------------------|

"Modern Guilt I'm under lock and key"

e -------------------------------|
B -------------------------------|
G ----------1--------------------|
D 4-4-3-1-3---4-3-4--------------|
A ---------------------------4-5-|
E -------------------------------|

"Misapprehension turning into convention..."

e --------------------------------------------|
B -3-2---2-----------2------------------------|
G -----4----2------4---4-3-3---------3-1------|
D ------------2---2----------4-3--------4-3-1-|
A --------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------|

The part just before the little run back into the verse is approximate. It is also 
different during the second chorus.

Please let me know if this is hard to understand or has mistakes (this is my first tab!)
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