Beck - O Maria tab



Am              G#            F
there was no one nothing to see
Am          G#                  F
the night is useless and so are we
      C           Bb
cause everybody knows
    Am        G#      F                        G
the fabric of folly is fallen apart at the seams
 Am                          C
and i've been lookin' for a good time
Am                     G#       G
but the pleasures are seldom and few

there's no whiskey there's no wine
just the concrete and a worried mind
'cause everybody knows death creeps in slow
til you feel safe in his arms
and i've been lookin' for a new friend
and i don't care if he's decrepit and grey

(trombone solo verse)

o maria haven't you known
days so careless
all on your own
'cause everybody knows the circus is closed
and the animals have gone wild
and i've been lookin' for my shadow
but this place is so bright and so clean

(repeat first verse)

12 string solo:

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