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Beck - No Complaints tab

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This is how i play it on my ukulele...

Each chord is 2 strums except during the chorus part, then its continuous ... you have 
listen to the song to get the timing right...  the rest is just like the beginning

Intro: A   C#min
 E    E    E    A    C#min  X 4
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E              E            E     A   C#min
     We are aimless
E              E                  E                 
    And the target is an empty wall
E                       E                E     A   C#min
      We're out of patience
E                   E           E                       
  With smiles that cut across her face
No complaints
But I wish I had my top of my brain
I'd like to walk
            C#min                                         E      E     
    A  C#min
But the sun doesn't know we're awake
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