Bedouin Soundclash - 1259 Lullaby tab

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This is how it is on the album.


Intro: D(x4)

D             F#m          G
Its silent in early morning
               Bm    Em       D
The only sound is my breathing
           F#m            G
As I lay awake not knowing
             Bm       Em
Where it will be Im going

(Em)  A    Em            A   Em
And I know,  time moves slow,
       A Em            A
At 12:59,  I sing lullaby

          D           F#m        Bm       G
And if you want me to sing you a song,  I know
              D   F#m     Bm     G
That theres a 12:59  Lullaby,  tonight.

D F#m G D (x4) 

(D)                F#m        G
I'll see the next hour through
                 Bm    Em   D
It falls to the next so soon 
                 F#m            G
While my guitar waits for a tune
                 Bm          Em
where have the songs played gone to?
-TO SUB CHORUS (see above)

-TO CHORUS (see above)

D F#m G D (x4)


D F#m G D (over "a-oooh, a-oooh, a-oooooh")

D (x4)

-The end
such a lovely song :)
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