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Bedroom Walls - In Anticipation Of Your Suicide chords

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Am      C/D      F           
 Your heart is always almost beating
Am C/D        F           G
 along with windy frozen tunes.

        C              G        Am  
But you say you've laughed enough,
      G        F                      G
your closet's stuffed with last year's blues.
         C       G     Am        G  F                       Dm G Dm G                
But you know by summertime your suicide's just last year's news.

Am C/D Em F G

Am     C/D     F
  What will we find inside of your room?
Am     C/D      F
  Notes in the margins,
records always spinning.
                      C   G      Am
Clues you know you want all to know
       G    F                  G
your little soul grew old too soon
       C      G           Am
and surprises lost their thrill.
   G    F                    Dm G Dm G
Vodka, pills and the marquee moon.

Am G F

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