Belle And Sebastian - Expectations chords

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Capo on 2nd fret

E                      Am                               E
Monday morning wake up knowing that you've got to go to school

                      Am                                     E
Tell your mum what to expect, she says it's right out of the blue

                       Am                                   E
Do you went to work in Debenham's, because that's what they expect

                       Am            F         C G F
Start in Lingerie, and Doris is your supervisor

E                          Am                               E
And the head said that you always were a queer one from the start

                        Am                             E
For careers you say you went to be remembered for your art

                        Am                                    E
Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange

                        Am            F              C
Making life-size models of the Velvet Underground in clay

E                           Am                           E
In the queue for lunch they take the piss, you've got no appetite

                      Am                             E
And the rumour is you never go with boys and you are tight

                       Am                             E
So they jab you with a fork, you drop the tray and go berserk

                           Am                 F               C
While your cleaning up the mess the teacher's looking up your skirt

G               F
Hey you've been used,

C       G            F
Are you calm? Settle down

C       G               F
Write a song, I'll sing along

Soon you will know that you are sane

You're on top of the world again
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