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Belle And Sebastian - Big John Shaft chords

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Fixed a few wrong chords, missing chords, and capo placement
from the other version.  Should be capo 3, not 2 as the other tab says.
And the Bb chord in the other tab should be G.  I also added
a guitar version of the piano.

Capo fret 3

Cmaj7=X32000   C7=X32310

intro: C F x4

                  C      F
I'll make another movie
                    C            F
The same one as the year before
             C      F
Take a tired idea
              C        C Cmaj7 C7
Put it in the hands of Hol-ly-wood
I need to talk to someone
I've been living someone else's life
                          G              F
I don't get no mail at my house anymore
My manager's my bride
[ Tab from: ]
                 C          F
I'm leaving on a jet plane
                 C           F
I'll see my baby soon enough
                        C       F
I won't take her to the movie
                     C       C   Cmaj7 C7
I'm worried that the lines become all blurred
I couldn't help but feeling something
When the boss told us to act that way
                     G              F
I'm ashamed of my profession
I would do the same again

                  C       F
I'll make another movie
                C            F
Same one as the year before
                  C       F
I'm looking for a story
                       C       C   Cmaj7 C7
Something ludicrous to come up from the street
I won't play another heavyweight
I won't play another Big John Shaft
                      G                F
Put me in a frock and leave me recite
Maybe my career will die

Here’s a few ways I like to add color to this by incorporating
some of the bass and piano line.

All numbers relative to a capo on 3
\ indicates downsrum. / indicates up.

this way for a brighter sound
C \  \/ \      F    \ /\ \      C
-0-0-------0-------2--------------0-0---| repeat

Or this way for more of a bass thing

C \  \/ \       F    \ /\ \      C
---0---------------2----------------0---| repeat
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