Bellowhead - Fakenham Fair chords

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This if my first tab so please be nice :)
Standard tuning
Capo on 3nd

      D         A       D        G             D                                     G
I never really fell in love till I went up to Fakenham fair
             D                       A                     D        G             D    A  D
And chanced for to meet with a carnival girl a selling the fortunes there
G                 F#        Em                        A               D             G
Try for a lamp or a     Spanish shawl or a golden filigree
        D         A              D                 G             D                     A   D  
But all the time her eyes were saying 'come take a chance on me'


       G            F#             Em             A
So swing around the merry-go-round
                   D                              G
Give the wheel of fortune a whirl
        D          A           D                  G
The finest prize at Fakenham fair
            D          A           D
Is the pretty carnival girl

Her hair was brown and her eyes were blue and her lips they were soft and red
I’d never seen such a shape as hers and my eyes nearly popped from my head
For I was young and innocent oh but still even I could see
the way she smiled and winked my way said ‘come take a chance on me’


My friends they said well she’s not for you oh what will the old people think
But I took my chance and I won that girl just as quick as an eye could wink
And the finest day in all my life whatever may come to pass
Was the day i went up to Fakenham Fair and won me the carnival lass 

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