Ben Cantelon - Never Let Me Go chords

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tabbed by kelvin reed

(Capo 4) 
D/F# G      C 
Your ways are always greater 
D/F#        G           C 
Though I may not see 
D/F#           G      C            D/F#    G C 
Your promise is written on my heart 
D/F# G         C 
I        look to you my saviour 
D/F#  G      C 
When I am weak 
D/F#  G               C                D/F#  G C 
I find rest in the shadow of your wing 
  D/F#  G C  
  Father I know you’ll never let me go 
  D/F#    G         C 
  You’re always there 
  D/F# G             C 
  And when the darkness is surrounding  
                  D/F# G   C                   D/F# G   C 
  Still you love me so, yes you love me so 
Your word is never failing 
Strength for today 
I have hidden your word in my heart 
      Am         G   Em 
You are strength for today 
          G             D 
And bright hope for tomorrow 
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