Ben Cantelon - Saviour Of The World chords

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Capo 4 (Girls Key)

Am                  G
God so love that he gave his son
       F                     Am      G
To lay down his life for the sake of us
   Am                     G
He bore the weight of our sin and shame
       F                  Am   G
With a cry he said 'It is finished

           Dm                 C   G
Christ the Lord, overcame the darkness
      Dm                     C  G
He's alive, death has been defeated

       F                       Am
For He made us a way, by which we have been saved
         C              G
He's the Saviour of the world
      F                       Am
So we lift up a shout for his fame and renown
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
Jesus, Saviour of the world

        Am                     G
We must spread the word of his soon return,
     F                        Am G
To reclaim the world, for his glory
        Am                       G
Let the church now sing, of this coming king
             F            Am  G
Crowned with majesty, our Redeemer

       Dm                   C  G
And He reighs, ruler of the heavens
        Dm                 C   G
And His name, is Jesus the Messiah
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