Ben Folds - Free Coffee Town Fake tab

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here are the chords for this wonderful song which if there still up, you can find on 
myspace. i really like them nway, here is free coffee town, the fake evrsion.

intro- Eb, Ebsus4 x8

verses- Eb, Ab, Cm, Bb, Ab, Gm, 
C#,Fm, Ab, Eb, Ebsus4 etc

Chorus- Ab, Eb, Ab,Ab, Cm, Bb, Ab, coffee Eb

this is mainly the wholes song. the solo is just the verse chords. itsd pretty self 
tabbed by ange stella
aka indie_lover

here is how u would play it on guitar
Free Coffee Town Fake-Ben Folds

intro- C, Csus4 x8

verses-C, F, Am, G, F, Em, 
Bb, Dm, F, C, Csus4 etc

chorusus- F, C, F, F, Am, G, F,

repeat intro
repeat verse which is also same chords for solo.

repeat chorus
end on C
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