Ben Folds - Errant Dog chords

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This is my first tab. Noticed there wasn't one for errant dog. Enjoy

Edit: Some of the chords over the words are mis-aligned. A product of tabbing from an 
iPhone I suppose.

Intro: G7 (g-b-d-f/ f-e-d-c)

G7                   C7         F7              D7   
Have you seen that dog? I got to get him back
G7                   C7              F7           
D7.      (G7)
I had him tied to a tree, but he keeps getting out
Eb                         BbM7
He's probly runnin' loose with the bitches
Eb                                 C7
And when I catch him, I'll give him some stitches
         G7              C7                F7             D7
Oh I, love him so much- ah that stupid bitch is mine

C7           D7
            Errant dog!
C7           D7
            Errant dog!

Interlude: G7-C7-F7-D7

Verse 2:
They're talking down at the spa
Now the word is out
God damn I look like a jewel
When he goes runnin' around

Gonna take him on court tv
Show the world what he's done to me

I'll drag his ass back home back where his ass belongs

Chorus: Errant dog! Errant dog!


Dm         C       Bb                    F           
He's my everything, he means the world to me
Dm         C                     Bb      F           
He's my hopes and dreams, fungible property

Eb                                     BbM7
Sometimes I wonder why I put up with his shit-
Eb                                         C7
If I could I would become a lesbian
G7                               C7      F7          D7
I know I said dead or alive, but really dead is fine

Chorus: errant dog! Errant dog!


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