Ben Folds - Jane Live chords

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||||||| Ben Folds - Jane ||||||||

This is the version from Ben Folds Live but the song is 99% the same on the Ben 
Folds Five album TUBORM

this song is best played with a capo on the first fret, or just transposed down a half step. 
i'll give the original chords as if played with a capo so you can play along with the original.

BbM7         X13231
Cm11 on Bb   X15541
DbM7         X46564
AbM7         4X554X
BM7          X24342
EbM7         X68786
Dm           X57765
Cm           X35543
Gm           355333
Gm on F      155333
Ab           4X654X
G #5         3X534X
F# 6         2X434X
Fsus4 7      1X3341

I suggest trying to use your thumb to play the notes on the low E for the two 
chords in the end of the chorus, the G #5, and the F# 6

BbM7   Cm11 on Bb        BbM7    Cm11 on Bb   

BbM7         DbM7                         
Jane be jane       You're better that way 

AbM7                    BM7                   BbM7              Cm11 on Bb 
   Not when your trying     Imitating something you think you saw 

BbM7             DbM7
    Jane be jane      And if sometimes that might 

AbM7                BM7
    Drive them away     Let them stay there 

You don't      need them anyway 

   You're worried there might not be 

Anything at all inside

  That you're worried 

       Gm                     Gm on F
Should tell you that's not right 

Don't try to see yourself 

    G #5
The way that others do 

F# 6           Fsus4 7
    It's no use 

Instrumental part follows the chords from the verse starting at the intro chords 
once then back to the...


then the outro verse:

   But it's your life 

    You can decorate it 

    As you like 

    Beneath the pain and armour 

BbM7            AbM7
    In your eyes     the truth still shines 

Jane be jane
AbM7          BbM7
    Jane be jane

Thanks to Ben Folds for another great song, always a joy and a challenge to 
transcribe his work.
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