Ben Harper And The Blind Boys Of Alabama - My Mother Pray chords

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If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
Recorded by George Jones
Written by James Rowe and James W. Vaughn

G                                C               G
How sweet and happy seemed those days of which I dream
                    A7           D7
When memory recalls them now and then
G                              C                 G
And with what rapture sweet my weary heart would beat
                          D7   G
If I could hear my mother pray again

                           C           G
She used to pray that I on Jesus would rely
                    A7             D7
And always walk the shining gospel way
G                            C              G
So trusting in His love I'll seek that home above
                           D7        G
For I shall meet my mother some glad day

                   C           G
If I could hear my mother pray again
                    A7              D7
If I could hear her tender voice as then
#G                             C                G
How happy I would be with who means so much to me
                          D7   G
If I could hear my mother pray again

                              C               G
Within the old home place her patient smiling face
                     A7               D7
Was always spreading comfort hope and cheer
G                            C           G
And when she used to sing to her Eternal King
                            D7       G
It was the songs the angels loved to hear

                              C                   G
Her work on earth is done the life crown has been won
                   A7            D7
And she will be at rest with Him above
G                           C                 G
And some glad morning she I know will welcome me
                        D7        G
To that eternal home of peace and love

Repeat #3
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