Ben Harper - People Lead tab

Song: People Lead
Artist: Ben Harper

---Intro & Verses---

                    CIII                    or do the bass (but it's better to take it down)
|------------------|------------------|          |------------------|
|------4---4---4---|---------4--4-----|          |------4---4---4---|
|------3---5---5---|-----3---5--5-----| 9 times  |------3---5---5---|
|-3h5--5---5---5---|-3-5-3---5--5-----|          |------5---5---5---|
|--------3-----3---|-3-----3----3-----|          |--------3-----3---|
|------------------|------------------|          |-0h3--6-----------|

(when he sings he plays the lick at the beginning and then just strums)

	 Cm	      Bb				   CmFig 1
When the people lead The leaders they will have to follow
	 Cm	             Bb				   CmFig 1
And all their lies and their alibies They will have to swallow
	 Cm	            Bb				   CmFig 1
And it's you                that has the authority 
	 Cm	      Bb	       CmFig 1
For the one who is right is the majority


		Bb		F
When the people lead
People take the lead
	         Bb		  F
Children you've got to take your lead
Or you shall be led astray

So as long as someone else Controls your history
The truth      shall remain just a mystery
For you can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink
You can put a man through school but you cannot make him think



Watch them try to hide This world's imposition
But like disease that has come round from remission
When it seems as if it has left your person
All the while it has only worsened

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