Ben Harper - In The Colors tab

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D                         A
When your whole world is shaken
     Bm			G
from all the risks we have taken

dance with me
   A         G# G
dance with me
into the colors of the dust

  D		A
when you have awoken
  Bm		      G
from all the dreams broken
come and dance with me...

  Em                   Bm
the paths we're walking on
      G         A
they crumble behind us
     Em         Bm
but if we leave now
          G                       A
they will never.. they will never find us

if this crazy world spins itself

down to the dust

i wanna be with you ...

i wanna be with you ... colors

you again start hoping 

with your arms wide open

come on dance with me...

when all will be right

 dancing like water in the light

oh dance with me...

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