Ben Kweller - I Miss You chords

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I miss you - Ben Kweller (Album : Go fly a kite)
C     C      G     C
   Oh oh oh oh oh oh
C     C      G    (Am)
   Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)
Verse 1 (same chords for Verses 1bis, 2 and 2bis):
   Am           D
I miss you, I think about you every day
G                                         C
I wonder who you're laughin' with right now
   Am         D
I wish you'd let me say what I need to say
G                                    C
Been tryin' for weeks to track you down.
Verse 1bis:
The rain pours on this painted concrete runway
As another show takes me to the sky
I wish I could fly this plane to you
Even just to say goodbye
Chorus (x2):
Dsus4                      Am
       It doesn't matter anyway
You have changed
You have changed
Bridge: same as Intro
Verse 2:
I miss you, I think about your summer smile
So shocked how easy it is for you... to...
Escape closure, Yeah, you just run away,
Wonder if that weight'll catch up to you
Verse 2bis:
You're too old to act like such a child
With a head all business and a heart unfree... Me...
I still miss you, You don't even care
And that's what's scarin' me
Chorus (x2)
Outro: same as Intro, except for last chord (C)
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