Ben Marwood - A Shower Of Bastards chords

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Ben Marwood - A Shower of Bastards


~ = ring out



Am*     x0x21x
Bb      x1333x
C       x3555x
C*      x3x01x
Dm      x57765
D*      xx023x
F       133210
F*      1x32xx

I kissed her
And all the blood went rushing to my lips
    Am*~                                 C*~
And all the thoughts went running to my brain
Praise be, praise be
And I knew our hips would part
But we'd have each others hearts
And she made a man of me

          Bb                           Dm
But these days I've gotten used to my bed too big for me
     Bb                             Dm         C
And memories all play like ancient re-runs on TV
    Bb                         Dm  C
As though it never happened to me
     Bb             C           F
But, I know that it happened to me
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