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Ben Rector - She Is chords

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G               D        Bm           Asus4                G              
She hails from Boston. She hates the sound that goodbyes make
            D           Asus4
She loves Sundays and champagne
G                   D       F#7                 Bm        A         G     D
She can't stand the winter. She can't stand anything that she can't change
And she can't change.

G          D                  Bm          A              G
She is whatever she wants to be. She is a little of everything,
             D                    Bm  A     
Mixed up, so tough in a beautiful way,  yeah.
G             D                  F#7             Bm           Asus4  G
She's got the world at her fingertips, she makes beauty look effortless
           D           G       D    Bm  A  G      D        A
And I want everything she is, she is, she is, she is, she is.

G               D     Bm              Asus4                G 
Oh we talk for hours, but she wrote the book on hard to get.
              D              A
Yeah it don't matter what I say.
G               D       Bm                   A         Em
I could buy her flowers, but that's just too cliché to impress
           D/F#                      G            A
A girl like her but you know I kinda like it that way

G       D      Bm A       E7
She is, she is, oh she is

E7                      G
She's all I think about, and I can't do without
    Bm                 A             E7
The good, the bad, the somewhere in between
Because I want everything

REPEAT CHORUS - slightly different format than original chorus, but same chords. 
listen to figure it out.

*transcribed from SmallTownStory on YouTube
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