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Benoit Pioulard - Triggering Back chords

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Benoit Pioulard: Triggering Back   
Capo 4

Intro (not relative to capo):


Em   Am   Em   C  x2

Em                               Am                 Bm
Letting go the days we knew when others fell before you
C             Am
Half a statue carved in ochre
Em                 C                D   Bm D Am
Lest we forget our will is a broken one oh honey

Em              Am
Deep resonation signs our declension
Em              C
Some hesitation bears ready mention
Em                      Am                   D  Am
Turn off the station to multiply the tension darling

Em                             Am                Bm
I found a way to set aside the fact that I adore your
C               Am  
Laundry lists & long promenades
     Em                C
With haunting kisses & passing the days honeychild
Oooo oooo oooo ooo

Em   Am   Em   C   Em   Am   Em   walking up  G   Am   C

Em                                 Am               Bm
Signed & sealed & in this sound we hear the memory dying
C               Am
Wondering if we paid attention
Em                     C                D   
Would we have seen our proper ascension day
Bm Am         D      Am     C
Oh there's no way-ay-ay
Bm-Am-C-Am-Em   C   F   C   F-Em   G-Em  G-Em
Oooo ooo ooos
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