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Bernard Fanning - Departures Blue Toowong Skies chords

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Once I was the youngest now the middle branch
hung from the family tree
Older than my first born brother
Never made it quite to forty three

          (G)               (C)         (G)            (D)
So let it ring, let the bell ring out for you
          (G)               (C)   (G)         (D)
May it sing of your beautiful truth
            (G)              (C)  (G)      (D)
Take your leave on the rising tide
        (C)                   (D7)
Travel slow enjoy the ride

Everyone is waiting on the ticking bomb
That lies beneath their skin
Nonetheless we carry on like we were born
For breathing poison in

(Em)                             (D)
You're right where you belong
                                (Em) (D)     (C)   (G)        (D) 
Beneath Blue Toowong skies cut so deep in our bones
         (Em)     (C)       (D)        (G)
You surround  - those of us you love
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