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Bernstein And Sondheim - One Hand One Heart tab

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One hand, one heart.

Eb Ab Bb Eb Eb Ab Bb
Eb               Ab      Bb   Eb
Make of our hands, one hand
Cm              Gm      Db  Ab
Make of our hearts, one heart
Eb               Ab     Bb        Ab
Make of our vows, one last vow
Db     Gb           Fm Bb7 Eb Ebmaj7 Ab Bb7
Only death, will part    us now
Eb               Ab    Bb  Eb
Make of our lives one life
Cm          Gm  Db  Ab
Day after day, one life
Eb           Ab  Bb         Db
Now it begins, now we start
Eb   Fm   Cm  Fm
One hand one heart
Db     Gb              Fm Bb   Eb Ab Fm7
Even death won't part  us now
****the rest is just repeating what you want. end on Eb*******
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