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Beth Croft - Arms Of Grace chords

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How many times have
You found me wandering
F#m                          E/G#
In the rubble of Yesterdayís hope
Weighed down with burdens
Barely standing but
F#m               E/G#
I am desperate to see You again
   A       A2
To see You again

        F#m       D       A      E/G#
Running into Your arms of grace
        F#m       D     A     E/G#
With no reason to hide away
             F#m             D            A
Itís not the first time Iíve been in this place
    E/G#   A/C#   D
Iím coming home again
             A/C#     D    [into bridge: E   D/F#]
Iím welcomed home again

How great the cost that
Paid my journey back
You gave your only Son and carried me home
I am chosen
How else could I respond
I've been captured by your unfailing love
Your unfailing love

     D        A    E
Your arms are open wide
A/C#           D
Grace takes me back again
    A              F#m    C#m
You always take me back
        D     A       E
Thereís mercy in Your eyes
A/C#               D
Thank you Lord for loving me
A                         E
There's nothing like Your love
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