Bethel Live - Forever And A Day chords

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Forever and a Day
By: Original by Anthony Skinner, Covered by Bethel Live
Sung by: Jenn Johnson and Leah Mari

G          A                   Bm 
I was afraid Your love set me free
          A                     G
I was in debt You paid the price for me
             A             Bm
I was hurt You took away my pain 
          A/C#           G
I was alone until You called my name 
           A             Bm
I was broken and You mended me
           A              G 
Before I was You loved me
                 A                     Bm
You healed my body and You made me whole
                   A/C#            Em 
No matter what I do You donít let go

Em     G           D              A
I will sing to the King I am the ransomed one
Em      G                   D              A
How I love Your holy name holy to the Lamb who was slain
Em         G                  D                  A
When I laugh and when I cry You are the reason why
Em       G            D         A               (Em G D A) (2x)
 How I long to be with You forever and a day

When I go to bed You are near
When I wake up You are there
When I play guitar You here
When I walk in faith Youíre everywhere You catch and save every tear I cry
You journal everyday all about my life Your love for me reaches to the sky
I am Yours You are mine
I was ashamed,
You called me beautiful 2x Now Iím yours,
You called me beautiful 2x
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