Bethel Music - One Thirst chords

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One Thirst 
By: Jeremy Riddle
Capo: 3

G         Cmaj 
You say to us, “Seek My Face” 
G           Cmaj              B             Cmaj
Our hearts reply, “Your Face we seek”  

Come teach us Lord, reveal Your ways, 
Anoint us for, the greater things 

G                    Cmaj 
We have gathered with one thirst and hunger 
G              Cmaj 
Here to drink of glory and wonder 
B                Cmaj              B 
Here to cry out, “Come and fill this place!”

G               Cmaj
Our single wish, our sole desire
G            Cmaj           B              Cmaj        
To gaze upon, Your beauty God

G              Cmaj
We will not rest, nor will we cease 
G                Cmaj             E
Till with our eyes, Your face we see 

G                 Cmaj 
We wait for you to come and show 
B                Cmaj   
Your glory here today 
    G D B Cmaj 
We wait for You...

Hallelujah, Come (repeat) 
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