Better Than Ezra - Under You tab

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My first tab so be gentle : ) I've been tryin to figure out this song forever, cause
its a great song, and have never found a tab for it on the net so I sat down and plowed
through it. email any comments suggestions or corrections to There
is picking in there on the electric part, these are just the basic chords to the best
of my ear. Figure out the picking for yerselves.


Chords used
G	Dsus2	Em	A	C
-3-	-0-	-0-	-5-	-0-
-3-	-3-	-0-	-5-	-1-
-0-	-2-	-0-	-6-	-0-
-0-	-2-	-2-	-7-	-2-
-2-	-0-	-2-	-7-	-3-
-3-	-x-	-0-	-5-	-x-

G Dsus2 x2

Verse 1:
G                       Dsus2
Along the edges, colors blur and seem familiar.
While you read your magazine,
I was counting all the markers.
G                        Dsus2
And California seemed to draw you like a siren
G   			       Dsus2
from a postcard, or a letter, in a frame of film melting.

Em        C    Em          A
But under you, I feel your breath move in, out slowly.
Em    C    Em 	             A		            C
Under you, let go completely feeing you take over me.

(In between verses play the verse chord progression G-Dsus2)

Verse 2:
G			Dsus2
A Hollywood flat where we'd laugh about our fortunes
G 				Dsus2
where we held jobs in this bar down at 3rd and San Vicente.
G		  Dsus2
And Ramen Noodles at 4:30 in the morning,
G			      Dsus2
When we barely could survive, I was never more alive.

Em    C   Em                A
Under you, I feel your blood flowing out slowly.
Em    C   Em                 A           	   C
Under you, let go completely feeing you take over me

For the break with the strings part the chord progression is:


Verse 3:
You moved in slow degrees
A sudden memory
G			Dsus2
You're a Leonard Cohen song
G                    	Dsus2
But every now and then i'd swear
I see you standing on a sidewalk, in a
restaurant, from a taxi cab passing.
Em    C   Em            A
Under you I feel you moving in, out slowly
Em    C   Em                A                     C
under you let go completely feeling you take over me.
C         G
Take over me.

Repeat verse progression out. 
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