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Between The Buried And Me - Reaction tab

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Hello Ace Enders Fans and other music lovers alike.

I recently acquired Ace's album The Secret Wars and I decided to figure some of the 
out.  This one seemed easy so I'm sharing it with everyone. Strumming is up to you... but 
make some clues in the tab to help you out a little.

Chords you'll need (Makeshift names... not sure if they're correct)

Dsus         Asus    Emaj    F#m
Eb:-x-  -x-  Eb:-x-  Eb:-0-  Eb:-2-|
Ab:-0-  -5-  Ab:-0-  Ab:-2-  Ab:-4-|
Db:-0-or-7-  Db:-2-  Db:-2-  Db:-4-|
Gb:-2-  -7-  Gb:-2-  Gb:-1-  Gb:-2-|
Bb:-3-  -x-  Bb:-0-  Bb:-0-  Bb:-2-|
Eb:-x-  -x-  Eb:-0-  Eb:-0-  Eb:-2-|


Intro: Dsus-Asus-Emaj-F#m

Pre-Verse: Asus-Emaj-F#m-Dsus***


*****Let Dsus Ring*****
So If I ask you to stay
       Asus            Emaj
You remind me that your mindís made up
      F#m            Dsus   Asus
And you've had enough of us, of us
And Iíd say

***Let Emaj Ring*** Dsus(pop-punk picking)
So If I ask you to stay
          Asus            Emaj
You'll remind me that your mindís made up
      F#m   (Emaj) Dsus  Asus
And you had enough of us, of us
And Iíd say

Oh Iíd say... Wait

I hold my breath and wait for your reaction
Stand my ground 'cause Iím not ready to back down
I know but where could I go
Wait for your reaction, wait for your reaction

Pre-Verse: Asus-Emaj-F#m-Dsus***(remember to let this ring for the verse's first line)

Verse 2 is the same progression as Verse 1.

So I say... Wait

Repeat Chorus

Repeat the Pre-Verse Riff

Build up to Final Chorus Part: Dsus-Asus-Emaj-F#m

Repeat Chorus Two Times

Then the progression that takes the song out is:
Asus-Emaj-F#m-Dsus x2

Once again, check the song for strumming/tempo changes and whatnot - especially for 
last few parts of the song.

If you're looking down here for more info on why yours does not sound right, I'm a step 
if you didn't already notice.  Also, I put the names of the chords into this tab VERY 
so I'm hoping most of you know the song before you try to play it.

Thank you Ace Enders and anyone looking at this,
Darren Brooke (
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