Between The Trees - You Cry A Tear To Start A River tab

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This is just the chords for the chorus of the song.  Most of them are repeated 
the verses, but I haven't taken the time to figure it all out.  Good luck!  I hope this starts 

Artist:   Between the Trees

Album:    The Story and the Song
Song:     You Cry a Tear to Start A River
Tuning:   Standard

Chords used:
        C    |032010|
        Cm   |332010|
        Am   |002210|
        A7   |002010|
        Dm   |000231|
        G    |320033|

So stand close to me
  C    Cm  C  Am     A7
Don't sail away, baby
Let them see your heart
Let 'em see just how beautiful you are
You're like nobody else, you see
   C     Cm    C      Am                    A7
Nothing less than any girl in your magazine
Don't you know you're special
You're really something special, baby
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