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Bic Runga - Sway chords

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easy [C#m] 004432

[G] Don't stray
Don't [C#m] ever go away
I [C] should be much too smart for this
You [Am] know it get's the better of me

[G] some  -  times
When [C#m] you and I collide
I [C] fall into an ocean of you
[Am] Pull me out in time

Don't let me [Em] drown
let me [C#m] down
I say it's [C] all because of you

And here [G] I go
[C#m] losing my control
I'm [C] practising your name
so I can [Am] say it
to your face

It doesn't [G] seem right
To [C#m] look you in the eye
Let [C] all the things you mean to me
come [Am] tumbling out my mouth

Indeed it's [Em] time
to tell you [C#m] why
I say it's [C] infinitely true

[G] Say you'll [E] stay
Don't come and [Em] go
like you do [D7]

[G] Sway my [E] way
Yeah I need to [Em] know
all about [D7] you

And there's [G] no cure
and [C#m] no way to be sure
why [C] everything's turned inside out
we're [Am] still in so much doubt

it makes me [G] so tired
I [C#m] feel so uninspired
my [C] head is battling with my heart
my [Am] logic has been torn apart

and [Em] now
it all turns [C#m] sour
'cause we sing [C] every afternoon

It's [C#m] all because of you [E]
It's [C#m] all because of you
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