Biffy Clyro - God And Satan chords

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Simple but ace tune.

All the chord parts are there. There are passing bass notes that are easy to pick 
out like the G, F# note, Em then going back up also B note before the C i put in a 
couple to help you along. Or just strum and dont worry about them if your just 
jamming with the CD, solo and singing you may wanna add them. Enjoy.
Intro; I talk to god as....

G, F# bass note, Em, G, C, G, Em. x3 + lick on Em at bottom

Now i see the light.

C, G, D with Dsus4 picking.

Well i look up to god....

C, Em, G, C, Em, D, C, Em, G, C, Em, D.

I slapped the water and watched...

Em, F# bass note, G, Am, B bass note, C, D x4

G, F# bass note, Em, F# bass note, G, B bass note, C End.

Em lick at start,

E- ----------------|
B- 0---0---0---0---|
G- 2-s-4-s-2-s-4---|   S = slide
D- ----------------|
A- ----------------|
E- ----------------|
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