Big Dismal - Just The Same chords

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Heres my favorite song of all time.  Really simple song, but took me a many attempts to
figure it out.  Too bad Big Dismal no longer together, they were greatest band ever.  I
Eric Durrance steps it up with the whole country thing, this first CD was just OK 
to all his Big Dismal tunes.  Anyways I just threw this together real quick, Im sure
errors, but not as bad as some of the other tabs/chords Ive seen.

Big Dismal - Just The Same

Strumming pattern:  D-D/UDUD-D  (D-D on G-chord, then UDUD-D on D-Chord, full pattern on C9)


G		D		C9
I donít want to be the one to break you
          G          D		C9
But could I please borrow some change
G		D		C9
You see my carís broke down and I need some gasoline
G		D		C9
Itís cold out here do you know what I mean
Em		C
Did I let you down
Em			          C
Did I throw awayÖ.        all your expectations

G		 			D
So I reached in my pocket and I grabbed some change
  C9                           D
I said itís nice to meet you, whatís your name
G		D		C9
You look like you could use a friend
G			   D
ĎCause Iím not like all the rest
C9					           D
ĎCause I know what itís like to be down on your luck
G		D		C9
And you and me weíre just the same

G		D		C9
It probably wonít make a difference
G		D		C9
But they say you get what you give
G		D		C9
And I feel lucky for the things I have
G		D			C9
ĎCause God knows man that ainít no way to live

Em		C9
Did I let you down
Em			C9
Did I throw away all your expectations


Em			C9
I didnít mean to hurt you
I didnít even stop
D			   Em  	       C9	    G
I didnít even give you the time to explain your situation
I got my own situation
       Am             C9
Itís true in a lot of ways

`Iím just like you

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