Big Mountain - Young Revolutionaries tab

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Another easy, easy song for the campfire.


A            E
Ain't no use Dodging a Subject Soul
D           E           A
Avoid in a Conversation
'cause We Are no Life
               D                E
Never Makes no Sense in This Ya Wayward Station, So

D                 E
Dry Your Tears and no More Crying
For the End Is Not Near
D               E
Jah Will Always Well Prepare Us
D               E
In This Chaos Our Goal Is Clear

A                  E
The Battle in Your Soul
       D                E
Is the One That Matters Most
        A                    E
And the Strength Within Your Heart
       D                E
Is Not Tough On Earthly Sort

           D                  E
And If You Want to Combat the Pain
    A                    D
You Must Avoid the Silly Earthly Games
     A                       E          A            E
Stay Strong Young Revolutionaries, Don't You Afraid


And so on...
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