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Bill Bailey - James Blunt Song chords

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G          Em         D          G/E*       C          Am

E|--3--    E|--0--    E|--3--    E|--3--    E|--0--    E|--0--|
B|--3--    B|--0--    B|--2--    B|--3--    B|--1--    B|--1--|
G|--0--    G|--0--    G|--3--    G|--0--    G|--0--    G|--2--|
D|--0--    D|--2--    D|--0--    D|--2--    D|--2--    D|--2--|
A|--2--    A|--2--    A|--x--    A|--3--    A|--3--    A|--0--|
E|--3--    E|--0--    E|--x--    E|--0--    E|--x--    E|--x--|

Intro - G G/E* G G/E*

G                 Em                     D              G/E*
I've seen thruth, I've seen youth in the booth near red roof

G               Em              D               G/E*  G G/E* G G/E*
I've seen lies, i've seen eyes, i've seen lies in the eyes of flies

Em              C                Am                   D
But you are a beautiful flower, you bloom every hour oooooo

Em               C                Am                   D
So precious and revealing like a rabbit stucked to the ceiling

Em               C                  Am                   D              G G/E* G
So beautiful and random like a wheezel and duck on the tandem oooooooo
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