Bill Fox - Let In The Sun tab

			     Let In The Sun - Bill Fox
Tabbed by: Jeff

note: the recording is a bit sharp in tuning


   F             Bb                    F     Am             C

C              F               C
Sun, sun, sun, sun open up the shade
           Bb                   F
open it up wide, let it come inside
             F                  C
it's been so long, it's been so wrong
                Bb                 F
this skin on my eyes no longer can rise
                    Am                    Dm
Can you hear what I say? Don't get up and run for just one
day. let in the sun


Roll up the blinds, let it all compete
let the heat come down let it touch my feet
it feels so warm, let it pick up space til those happy beams flash across my face
It's up to you, you're the only one for just one day
Let in the sun


Used to be so bright in my life
Now I ain't seein' none

Oh all this darkness strangles me it brings me down makes me feel unfree it's only 
artificial light when we set a spark in the middle of the dark just like the barrel of a 
loaded gun for just one day
Let in the sun


Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun
Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun
Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun
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