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Billy Bragg - Walk Away Renee tab

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 19:00:29 +0000


>From the other side of the Levi Stubbs'Tears single

Here's BB's poem of young love. Can't really imagine playing this one at
a party, but the melody's really sweet.




Bm7/F# (xx4542)
      She said it was just a figment of speech

& I said "you mean figure" and she said "no, figment"
because she could never imagine it happening, but it did.....

[verses] :

   A              E             G             D
e -------------0--0-------------------------------------------|
B (2)----2--3-----0----3-2-0-----------0-2-3--3-------------3-|
G -2--------------1---------------------------2---(2)-----2---|
D -2--------------2---------------------------0-----(0)-------|
A -0--------------2-----------0h2-----------------------------|
E ----------------0---------------3---------------------------|
1. -                             when    met played shy boy
2. -                              but   got crunchy smooth sps
3. I confronted  it, I sd illegible       yeah      silly letters
4. -                       [fade out]

   C             A              B
e --------------------------------------------------------------|
B -----------0h1-2--0-------------------------------------------|
G ---------2-----2----2\1--------4----4h6-4------4-h-6----------|
D ---------------2--------2/4------4-(4)-(4)--------------------|
A -0-3-----------0----------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------|
1. when s spoke time    to bleed  guess rest            next ferry
2. -             began   mr.potatohead        it was when  car park
3. -                     & then 1 day  hair loving her

     A          A                       D       C#m E
e ------------4-5-4------------------------------------------|
B --------5-7-------7-------------------3---3-3--2--0--------|
G --------------------6-----------------2---2-2--1--1----1---|
D --------------------------(0)---------0---0-0--2--2---2----|
A ----0---------(0)-------(0)------(0)--------------2--2---0-|
E --0----------------------------(3)-------------------------|
1.      & when  fares special          I couldn't  her
2.      with coat shoulders           home    2 of     bath
3. -

A          A              D       C#m E      D   D/C#      A
e ------------4-5-4-------------------------------------------0-|
B --------5-7-------7-----3---3-3--2--0--------3----3---------2-|
G --------------------6---2---2-2--1--1----1--2----2----------2-|
D ------------------------0---0-0--2--2---2--0------------------|
A --------------(0)-------------------2--2-------4----2h4--0----|
E --------------------------------------------------------------|
1. radio s.body else 2 us   just being      sort        scary off
2.     around    eyes   breasts  point met [strumD(5),C#m(4),Bm(2)]

chords :


x5777x - D       )
x5767x - Dmaj7   ) intro, - not too sure about these
xx4252 - Bm7/F#  )

x02220 - A
022100 - E
320003 - G
xx0232 - D
x02120 - C#m

x57775 - D(5)    )
x46654 - C#m(4)  ) end 2nd verse
x24432 - Bm(2)   )

h is a hammer on
/ is a slide up
\ is a slide down

improvements welcome.....
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