Billy Bragg - It Says Here chords

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G       C G D
G       C G D

        C             G                  D
It says here that the unions will never learn

            C              G                  D
And it says here that the economy is on the upturn

            C                 G                 D
And it says here we should be proud that we are free

             C                    G                D
And our free press reflects our democracy

      G       Em            C            G
Those braying voices on the right of the house

G    Em                C            G
Echo down the street of shame

      G        Em       C         G
Where politics mix with bingo and tits

     G         Em      C            G
In a money and numbers game

           D                      Em
Where they offer you a feature on stockings and suspenders

          C                              G
Next to a call for stiffer penalties for sex offenders

G       C G D
G       C G D

        C         G                     D
It says here that this year's prince is born

            C                G                           D
And it says here "d'you ever wish that you were better informed?"

            C                G             D
And it says here that we can only stop the rot

                     C                   G                        D
With a large dose of law and order and a touch of the short sharp shock

             G                Em            C        G
Is this does not reflect your view you must understand

               G         Em          C        G
That those who own these papers also own this land

           G             Em          C              G
And they'd rather you believe in Coronation Street capers

       G            Em         C         G                   
In the war for circulation, it sells newspapers

         D                         Em
Would it be an infringement of the freedom of the press to print

C                    G
Pictures of women in states of undress?

G       C G D
G       C G D
G       F   C
G       F   C

         D                              Em
When you wake up to the fact that your paper is Tory

        C                             G
Just remember there are two sides to every story

G       C    D
G       C    D
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